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Short calendar of notable upcoming events

Jan January Jumps Plenty o' music, art and more to celebrate in Aught-Six

Jan Begin Again What to do and where to be in 2005's first month
Feb February Fling Whether Pux. Phil sees his shadow or not, there's way too much going on to stay holed up in hibernation!
Mar In Like a Lion And out like a veritable socialite, with so much to choose from in March
Apr Sunny Days are Here Again And with them, an explosion of fun things to do. To wit ...
May May Days Are for Playing There's art, music a'plenty, and we even squeezed in a prom
Jun So Soon, It's June Summer officially begins with an onslaught of fun to be had
Aug Ready to Head Back to Cool? The heat finally broke and we feel like shakin' a leg...
Sep September Shuffle We're 'round the Labor Day bend now, folks, and headed into a fall of fun
Oct Oh, October! You fickle month of glorious fall and bitter winter-to-come: at least you keep us amused
Dec Year-End Revelry Keep your calendar full and spirits bright 'til the very end

Jan Let's Get this Party Started Make good on your New Year's resolution to get out more in 2004 with our handy guide to events around town
Feb Darn the Groundhog; Full Speed Ahead! A month's worth of delights and diversions for February
Mar What Are Ides, Anyway? Though we're s'posed to "beware," we're just March-ing on
May May-hem The in-between season is prime time for getting back out into the social scene
Jun Helter-Skelter Stuff to do in summer's swelter
Nov A Bounty of Activity Fun doesn't stop just because it's the next-to-last page on your calendar
Dec Baby, It's Boring at Home Bundle up and shake a leg to bid farewell to 2004

Jan Stuff To Do Beyond 2002 No time to tarry here, for we're on a journey to all kinds of entertaining events
Feb Come and Knock on Our Door We've been waiting for you...with fun stuff to do!
Mar The Ides of March Plenty to see, do and hear as the month comes in like a lion, blows out like...Venus Envy
Apr April Showers of Stuff to Do Was too cold, soon it'll be too hot...but this month it's just right to get out and about
May May Is National Bike Month But we've also got you covered if you observe National Record Collectors/Rock and Roll Prom/Film/Persian Culture month...
Jun Jumpin' Jesus on a Pogo Stick, It's June! Pride, and Macbeth, and even Pee-Wee shall see us through summer's first dog days
Jul Sweet, Sweaty July If you're bored this month ... well, you're boring
Aug Endless Summer Month eight is pretty great
Sep Back to School Doesn't the onset of fall make you want to learn, or play, or take in a cultural happening? You're in luck, 'cause September's chock full of fun.
Oct October on the Move It's getting cold in herrre — all the more reason to keep busy and warm!
Nov Now, November A harvest of plenty ... to do
Dec Going Out With a Bang More than 20 suggestions to get you out and about before the end of 2003

Jan Ring in the New There's plenty to see, hear and do in the first month of the New Year, with civics, music, and a pre-Lord of the Rings Frodo appearance dotting our monthly calendar
Feb February Fun It might be the shortest month, but there's no lack of activity taking place in February, from music to civic lectures, from art openings to some super hot dogs
Mar March Madness Looking for something to do in March? Well, here're plenty of options, from female-powered art and music to civics and more
Apr April Fool's Gold So much to do and see in the merry month of April
May May Days More than a few events jockey for your attention in the merry month of May
Jun June Jumps Read early and read often: our June events start big on the 1st and don't quit until the sweet, thirst-quenching end
Jul It's July, No Lie And we've got all the concerts, art sales, book signings and catsup celebrations you'll want to be seen at
Aug Hot Stuff August reels with film, football (what you Americans call "soccer") and busty fraus downtown
Sep September Swings! A full dance-card in our September calendar, with live music, DJs galore, funky movies and some civic fiber for your soul
Oct Oh, October It's fall, and a young man's and woman's thoughts turn to a full social calendar
Nov More than Pilgrims and Pigskins Here're our tips on what to do, see and hear in November. And there's not a single turkey among them.
Dec It's the End of the Year as We Know It And you know we've got recommendations for people singing, artists frolicking, bands rocking, authors reading and even — can your heart stand it? — Divine, vamping

Jan January Events: Musts to See, Do and Hear "War of the Worlds" and the St. Louis Record Collector's Show
Feb February Events: Musts to See, Do and Hear A frenzy of activities, including Monday Movie Nights at Frederick's and a South Grand photo show
Mar March Events: Musts to See, Do and Hear Mayoral candidates and The Man Who Fell to Earth (no connection there, we're sure)
Apr April Events: Musts to See, Do and Hear Exercising your franchise, viewing the surreal and gettin' green are a few of the options
May May Events: Musts to See, Do and Hear A month of Mondays: A couple of the "quiet nights" come alive in May (Caveat: they're not all Mondays)
Jun June Events: Musts to See, Do and Hear Heating up with hot tickets and cool places to be in the warm month of June
Jul July Events: Musts to See, Do and Hear Including but not limited to: the shooting of Andy Warhol, three hip bands at one hip place, and one 50-foot woman
Aug August Events: Musts to See, Do and Hear We cover all your options, from the biggest institutions to the tiniest holes-in-the-wall
Sep September Events: Musts to Eat, See, Hear and Ponder Our end-of-summer blockbuster list of the stuff you'll kick yourself if you miss
Oct October Events: This You Gotta See We'll have you sinnin' on Saturday and repenting on Sunday with our monster calendar of the best events this month
Nov November Events: You Gotta Get Out There Textiles? Twelfth Night? It's all in here...
Dec December Events: It's Not Over 'Til the Fat Lady Sings (And Dances, and Skis) House music, offbeat Greek film and redistricting talk? We got it...

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