The Commonspace

Our Mission

In short, TheCommonspace.org is a progressive, online magazine dedicated to grassroots civics and culture in the city of St. Louis, and its surrounding region.

The text is a mixed bag, from reviews of local books to essays written by former St. Louisans; from writings by activists in the field to previews of upcoming events; toss in some media criticism, historical photography and words from kids. The sections are 13 in number, with varied content within each issue.

The idea of the site is to stimulate both conversation and action within the St. Louis area. The writing and graphics reflect the ideals of advocacy journalism, with writers allowed (and encouraged) to express a point of view.

This is an evolving, volunteer-driven project. If you like what we're doing and want to see it continue, please consider running an ad on the site.

All of us involved in this adventure look forward to your story ideas, letters and feedback. Thanks for taking the time, and pass the word...

      — The editors and staff of TheCommonspace.org

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