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So Soon, It's June
By Amanda E. Doyle

Friday, June 3
Art Opening: Wayne St. Wayne
Jungle Room Art Gallery at Dressel's Pub, 419 N. Euclid
Free, 7-10 p.m., 314-361-1060

Our hats are off to the canny folk who finally got South City's ubiquitous painter Wayne St. Wayne to commit to producing enough work — at one time — to mount an honest-to-goodness art show! A familiar figure around town, he's usually got just enough stock on hand to sell you right then and there when the deal is struck (and more often than not, it's struck at Mangia Italiano...) Go check out his visions of monsters, beautiful mer-girls, St. Louis past and more, and stick around for the performance by Celestial Theatre.

Saturday, June 4
Change Your Mind Day
Old Chain of Rocks Bridge
Free, all ages, 1-3 p.m., 314-416-9930,

Is there anything the gurus at Trailnet aren't into? Bikes, trails, general enjoyment of the out of doors, sure. But today, they delve into the supernatural and spiritual, co-sponsoring an event with the Buddhist Council of Greater St. Louis: bring a cushion or meditation mat, park yourself on the bridge, and enjoy a day of sitting and walking meditations, dharma talks (we assume Jenna Elfman is not involved) and more, all aimed at transforming one's thinking from confusion to wisdom. I mean, confusion to wisdom, people! Doesn't that sound divine?

Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5
Pagan Picnic
Tower Grove Park, northeast corner
Free admission, all ages, 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Sa/10 a.m.-5 p.m. Su, 314-559-9428,

fairy princess Let it all hang out at the annual Pagan Picnic, celebrating lucky year number 13 this time around. Wiccans, druids, earth-mamas and folks of all pagan stripes congregate to worship, share spells and information and fairy wings; storytelling workshops and musical performances are among the highlights, including an appearance at noon on Sunday by the popular, peppy, percussive group Joia.

Thursday, June 16
Talk: A Trip to the Pike
Missouri History Museum, Lindell & DeBaliviere in Forest Park
Free, all ages, 10:30 a.m., 314-454-3150,

Yeah, we know: the World's Fair just won't die. Still, if you're going to live here, you might as well know something about it that isn't based on your hazy memory of the Judy Garland flick. Mike Truax will learn you up good about one of the most memorable aspects of the fair-going experience, The Pike, where attractions and concessions both banal and bizarre entertained young and old. A circus, zoo, Ferris wheel and what passed for "scientific" exhibits at the time are just a few of the wonders that dazzled families in 1904.

Friday, June 17
Screening: Best of the 48-Hour Film Project
The Pageant, 6161 Delmar
$10 ($2 surcharge for minors), all ages, doors 7 p.m./films 7:30 p.m., 314-361-8870, ext. 229

48-Hour Film Project Less than a week ago, teams of filmmakers ran like crazed lemurs all over our town, making their hasty contributions to the St. Louis oeuvre. Now, see the ten films that rose to the top, and stick around for the awards presented after a special appearance by musical guest MOFRO. You'll likely see some faces you know on the big screen.

Friday, June 17
"I Love Movies" Trivia Night fundraiser for Cinema St. Louis
The Heights, 8001 Dale Ave.
$20 each advance/$25 each at door for teams of eight, 7-10 p.m., 314-454-0042, ext. 10,

Now, which is the bigger draw if you love movies? The 48-Hour Film screening (see above) or the "I Love Movies" trivia night? Well, who are we to quibble over details? If you're headed to trivia, you should know that: there are tons of filmorabilia prizes; the best celebrity look-alike also wins a fabulous prize, so go ahead and glam it up; and all your money benefits the wonderful Cinema St. Louis, who bring us the St. Louis International Film Festival and so many other wonderful things filmy throughout the year.

Saturday, June 18
Film: The Muppet Movie
Winifred Moore Auditorium at Webster University, 470 E. Lockwood
$5 (free for 12 and under with paid adult), all ages, 1 p.m., 314-968-7487

Kermit! It's time to play the music! It's time to light the lights! These kids today just don't know from good, quality entertainment, with their Wiggles and their Veggie Tales (sorry, a moralizing tomato just doesn't do it for me...) Bring a kid you know — or just your own bad self — and relive the glory days of entertainment, specifically 1979, when a frog could woo a pig without fear of Jerry Falwell. Fozzy, Gonzo, Animal and all the gang appear, along with dozens of great celebrity cameos. Jim Henson, we may never see your likes again...

Saturday, June 18
Concert: Urban Blight Players
Euclid Records, 601 E. Lockwood
Free, all ages, 3 p.m., 314-961-8978,

Maybe it's been a while since you've partaken of the glory of the in-store performance. Let's review: it's free; it's at a decent hour so you drag-ass old people can get home early, where you belong; it's not smoke-saturated; it's free; it's an easy way to sample a band you may not know much about; and it's free. Doubtless, you are already in the car on your way, but just in case you need more motivation, we'll just remind you that the Urban Blight Players include lots of local touchstones in their witty and poignant songs about love and life in a big small town like, oh, say, ours. We predict you will like it. We predict you might even buy a CD while you're there. Thus spake Zarathustra.

Saturday, June 18
Dance Competition: The Illest of Them All
Just Dancing Studios, 236 Old Meramec Station Rd
$7 ($5 for competitors), all ages, doors 7 p.m./battles 7:45 pm, 618-670-9685,

Look out, Ballwin! Urban dancing is coming to West County. Detour Production is bringing together dancers from throughout the Midwest to compete for cash prizes in 2-on-2 bboy (breakdancing) and 1-on-1 funkstyle (popping) battles. DJ Trackstar and DJ Mark Lewis will bring the noise.

Sunday, June 19
Art Exhibit: Sister Cities Digital
St. Louis Artists' Guild, 2 Oak Knoll Park
Free, all ages, noon, 314-727-6266,

The opening of this new exhibit (on display until Aug. 6) brings together juried work from our fair sister cities, representing Germany, Poland, Senegal, Italy, Ireland, France, China and more. Oh, and the original Lou, of course. Fine arts submissions — all of which were created partially or entirely with a computer — from photography to painting are included.

Tuesday, June 21
Talk: A Distorted View of Africa
Missouri History Museum, Lindell & DeBaliviere in Forest Park
Free, all ages, 7 p.m., 314-454-3150,

Professor Glenn Stone, from Wash U.'s Department of Anthropology, speaks on the reality of Africa in opposition to America's popular perception of the continent through our cultural filters. Stone has done extensive research on trends in Africa including population shift and agricultural change; prepare to update your worldview.

Friday, June 24
Concert: Rough Shop
Focal Point, 2720 Sutton
$5, 21-up, 9 p.m., 314-781-4200,

Alum of a handful of well-respected bands past among them, local rockers John Wendland (who also hosts the kickingest show on KDHX), Mike Tiefenbrun, Andy Ploof, Sean Anglin, Nate Dahm and Anne Tkach will get your heart pumping with their latest incarnation. There's some twang, to be sure, but also folk, country, pop and god love 'em, rock and roll. A lot of talent packed into one lineup, and an album on the way.

Saturday, June 25
Book Signing: "Haint: A Tale of Extraterrestrial Intervention and Love Across Time and Space," by Joy Ward
Pets in the City, 1009 S. Russell
Free, all ages, 2-4 p.m., 314-265-2134,

Sometimes things come across the transom that simply cannot be ignored. Like, for example, this notice of a new book about human/canine co-evolution in the wake of cataclysmic climate change. Perhaps this brief excerpt will entice you? "The Danes and the Weims were allies. We celebrated each other's Breed days. We visited each other's Nationals. We even interbred some during High Seasons. That's not something to be taken lightly. We had been allies long before the Sporting and the Working groups went their own ways and we believed our breeds' friendship unbreakable." Catch local author Joy Ward now, before she flies the coop for events in New York and for the World Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow. Wait, what? I thought this was a true story. My beagle lied to me!

Saturday, June 25
Take a Stand — a benefit for the Downtown Defense Fund
Gallery Urbis Orbis, 419 N. Tenth St.
Free admission, all ages, 7:30 p.m., or

Take a Stand Proving that no good deed goes unpunished, downtown residents Marcia Behrendt and Roger Plackemeier (who fought the good fight in the legal system in an attempt to save the historic Century Building) are now being sued for their efforts. The lawsuit leveled against them (to the tune of more than $1 million) also hopes to squelch future dissent, too, according to its content: the city, state and developers want a judgment big enough to "deter said individuals and others from like conduct." Rise up and show them that you both support the efforts of Marcia, Roger and everyone else who did what they could do keep the issue of the Century Building front-and-center, and that you're not afraid to speak your mind. Oh, and if you wouldn't mind dropping a few bucks or a fat check into the donation pot, we'd be ever so grateful. In return? A great party, yummy food plus delightful beverages, turntable stylings by DJ Mano, and the company of urban-minded folk.

Sunday, June 26
Free Candy! with Amanda & Julia
Hartford Coffee Company, 3974 Hartford St.
Free, 7 p.m., 314-772-5947,,

Oh, it's the talk of the town, our monthly, non-broadcast, living room talk show: why, just yesterday at the grocery store the produce manager seemed very interested in the concept — well, after he realized my t-shirt wasn't just sending him to a website that would mail him free candy. Join your friends and soon-to-be-friends at Hartford Coffee, where you'll (a) learn things about interesting St. Louisans (b) enjoy a beverage, dessert or even tasty dinner served up by our friends behind the counter (c) enjoy the wacky hijinks your lovely and talented co-hosts provide and (d) rock out to the smooth, smooth sounds of the Sugar Daddies. It's what we call a "win/win" in the corporate world. And you want to be a winner, don't you?

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