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Short reviews of new books, restaurants, bands, art shows and other fresh topics

Spring Scene and Heard Lectures, live performances, bands and dining from the beginning of 2006
Summer How We Spend Our Summer Vacations Chicken wrangling, belly dancing, beer swilling and more!
Fall Fall-ing for It Ride that shiny train with us to a new downtown eatery, a play where girls are famous boys and a memoir of being gay in the Ozarks

Jan The Night Santa Saved the Schnitzel December found us headed from the North Pole to Neuschwanstein and back
Mar Winter Wonders Dinner and a show? BYO and a speakeasy? We review what you might want to do next
May St. Louis Through New Eyes Getting to know our city, through its good writers and not-so-good social problems. Oh, and its sushi.
Sep Those Hot Summer Nights Sex talk with Mayor Slay and a constitutional crisis for Dinner Club — yikes!
Dec Sock It To Me, September Kick-ass local bands and jambalaya, me-oh-my-a

Feb Seen/Scene We were everywhere in the past month, from Iraq to Soulard Market to the most sublime bathroom in the world
May Beer Here! Both are in the business of beer, but the brewery tours at A-B and Schlafly are worlds apart
Jun Outnabout May's readin', rockin' and regrettin' ... that big tub of popcorn
Nov Eat Me in St. Louis The Dinner Club dishes, for your dining pleasure
Dec Rock the Vote, Swing that Thing, Get on the Good Foot...and Chow Down Noted in November

Jan The Circle of Life New traditions were born — "White Christmas," anyone?; old favorites had a last gasp — Shenandoah Bar & Grill, we hardly knew ye; and Bert Dax, KFNS and Radio Rio soldier on
Feb Sweets, Meats and Soybean Treats How we spent the first month of the year, from shows we loved to tasty stuff consumed
Mar Frogs, Food and Fun Damn the snow, February was full speed ahead
Apr Rock! Read! Really! The Mooney Suzuki, coffeehouses and bookstores of note, and the newest addition burning up the airwaves of KDHX
May Cattin' Around in April We've been out, about, here, there...and even home drinking Shiner Bock and watching t.v. at 2 a.m.
Jun Monkeyin' Around in May In St. Louis' loveliest month, fun things were found both inside and out
Jul Hither and Yon Keeping an eye on St. Louis, from the basement of Blueberry Hill to — bear with us, here — the streets of Vancouver
Aug The Lou in June: The Greatest Show on Earth! We rock your ascots off and the mayor hesitates to send in the clowns
Sep This and That Entertainment and diversions, from the home front and beyond
Oct I Went to the Comic Show and All I Got Was This Lousy Column Our reporter goes to STL ComiCon 03 and finds good work and utter confusion
Nov SLIFF Pick-O-Matic A great run of movies is on tap during the 12th annual St. Louis International Film Festival. May we suggest a few for your consideration?
Dec Scenes from a Short Month Around town, on screen and in our minds in November

Jan Sounds of the Season As always, December proves the best month for music; plus some other scattered fun things from the last month of 2001
Feb A Little Light (Okay, Heavy) Reading Two books — one old, "Catfish and Crystal," one new, "The City in Mind" — work together in reflecting some unique light on the St. Louis "urban condition"
Mar Quiet Storms St. Louis' Cobalt Blue steps forward from the periphery, with the release of a debut CD; also, marking time on the porch with a new poetry collection, "Lick of Sense"
Apr Spinning the Wheel O' Links We catch up on some local ephemera, criticism and culture by turning to the crazy fad known as the Information Superhighway
May Miscellaneous Delights News and notes and recent releases, from zines to sites to discs, with a heavy emphasis on fun pop culture for the summery days of May
Jun Gods of All Media We weed through the good, the bad and the ugly to recommend stuff — from CDs to web sites — you should hear, read and buy
Jul Delmar: a Dividing Line or a Literary Coming-Together? Delmar Magazine, the literary sort-of annual, keeps its feet in St. Louis but its sights set high
Aug August's Dog Days This month we look at a book about stray dogs, CDs from Dave Landreth and the Dead Celebrities and punk rock on KDHX. Oh, and soap.
Sep Art in the Urban Wilderness We look back at the Artica 2002 event, a decidedly different way to spend a summer weekend in St. Louis
Oct Cities from Sin to Suffragette The seamy side of Vegas, the splendid side of improv radio, a log cabin for your next drinky, and one of the last good things about
Nov Best-Kept Secrets Spooks, tales from our local no-tell motel and some stuff that people just FOUND
Dec Ain't This a City? In the last month alone: lesbian folk-singer Tupperware ladies, fantastic bands that may — or may not — be a thing of the past, and St. Louis' moment in the "Get Your War On" movement

Jan After the Fall: Srebrenica Survivors in St. Louis A new book documents the Bosnian experience in St. Louis
Feb Listen and Read CDs from The Urge and The Nukes and a St. Louis history anthology from Lee Ann Sandweiss
Mar Give a Look and Listen Up Victory Without Violence, Wanderings in the Night, and Sexicolor
Apr Music, Food and Live Shows — Does It Get Any Better? Listen to The Potomac Accord, Cloister and insideOUT; chow down at The Hungry Buddha; don't go to work for Ulcer, Inc.
May Reviews, Previews and Views You Can Use Hop in the Getaway Car, catch Kate Schrock next time around, ponder art in a geodesic dome, and ride the Rocket (88)
Jun Been There, Done That A compendium of readings, events and other assorted stuff of recent vintage
Jul Rockin' Out, Tunin' In and Bellyin' Up All the stuff you'll want to listen to, eat and wish you'd been there for...
Aug Do You Hear What We Hear? What is the sound of one band playing, the image of one neighborhood changing and the impact of one idea being heard in cyberspace?
Sep The Best of What We've Heard, Read and Seen Lately Including local band Climber, a wacky film short and something about heads in a bottle
Oct The Wacky (and Wildly Varied) Sights and Sounds of September Were you there for the heavy petting, the first anniversary or the birth of a new local political zine? We were...
Nov With Apologies to Jerry Berger... The best sightems, heardems and didems in town, in our humble opinion
Dec Many Tunes a-Twangin' This month's bag is plenty mixed, with lots of local music to plug into, plus looks back on SLIFF and Frances Moore Lappe

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