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Offbeat sports and local traditions that call St. Louis home

Spring Wrestling Heston A trip to the shooting range turns into one hell of a trigger
Summer Pool Party at the City's Place! Bring sunscreen and a tough skin if you're headed to one of the free city pools...but leave the flotation devices at home
Fall Into the Wild Country Takin' a turn on that dance floor that Saturday night TV made famous

Jan Wild Cards Texas Hold'em catches on in the Lou
Mar Wanna Swing? Put aside any bad middle-school memories you have, and give this singles' square dance club a whirl
May Scoreless in St. Louis Down but not out, our intrepid hockey fan has found plenty of action to quench her thirst for the ice
Sep Bringing Yesand to the Heartland This year's St. Louis Fringe Festival provides a focal point for improv and other artists
Dec Come Out of Your Shell Slow and sunny wins the race at quirky Turtle Playground

Feb Chicken Wire, Tissue Paper and Beer How to build a Mardi Gras float in ten easy steps
May Swingers Do It with Friends Lace up your dancing shoes and move what your mama gave you with the Lindy Hop Swing Society of Greater St. Louis
Jun It's the Ultimate, Really Fun, competitive ... and no referees. Could this be the Perfect Sport?
Nov Hiding in Plain View How Geocaching will get you off of the couch and rooting around at your neighborhood parks and other mysterious places
Dec Total Hack Long associated with only bad kids and burnouts, hacky sack's followed me well into "responsible" adulthood

Jan B-3, B-3...I-18 Bingo night at the South Broadway Athletic Club offers up a little slice of St. Louis life, with a side of ice-cold Busch
Feb Ski the Valley Ah, that fresh Missouri powder...almost good enough to get you ready for the real thing
Mar Duende in South City Stomp those feet and show your soul in flamenco, the traditional dance associated with Spain...and St. Louis
Apr World, Meet BallzOn! The lawn game that by any other name wouldn't be as fun
May The Golden Bandit (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Golden Tee Golf)
Jun Come and Go Minutes to learn, a lifetime to master — the deceptive simplicity of Go
Jul Scrappin' and Stampin' A chance encounter with scrapbooking led to full-blown paper arts fever, for which more classes and devices are the only known cure
Aug Strength and Style Breakdancing has found a home at The Commonspace
Sep Are You Ready to Get Grizzly? Fun in Sauget with everyone's clothes on — who knew?
Oct Tubalo and the Playground Pecking Order You could tell a lot about a kid at St. Roch's by how he conducted himself during rounds of the schoolyard-invented game
Nov The Rewards of Low-Stakes Gambling Going for Mr. Frog's big slot payout, one penny pull at a time
Dec The Sting of the Jump Rope, the Roar of the Crowd Our intrepid investigator checks out a Double Dutch class to, quite literally, learn the ropes

Jan Twister! Although storm chasers warn against practicing their hobby in urban environments, big changes in the weather take Chris Krummenacher right back to his first encounter with The Big One
Feb Sweat, Hard Work and a Lot of Spandex The promise of America is fulfilled, in a strange way, when good and evil slug it out with metal chairs at the South Broadway Athletic Club
Mar Quest for Glory A new volleyball team steps into the void of professional women's sports in St. Louis
Apr Get Fuzzy Anyone with access to a tennis ball and a schoolyard could be the next Yogi Berra of fuzzball, the king of St. Louis street games
May Trivial Pursuits The Suburban Journals' trivia expert runs down the 101 on why St. Louis is at the center of our nation's trivial heart
Jun Hands Four Hit the floor for a contra dance, the amusement park ride dancers make for themselves
Jul The Football Café For one glorious month, the World Cup was broadcast in a corner coffeehouse in U. City. We were there.
Aug Hurling Hits St. Louis We're talkin' field sports here, not the other kind of hurling, and our St. Louis team aims to generate excitement akin to Blues/Cardinals fever
Sep Beer Float Ah, that most Midwestern of pastimes, an annual, river-bound appreciation of "Ozarkian" charm
Oct The St. Louis Sport The pro teams notwithstanding, there's nothing like a little college soccer action to satisfy your sports fix
Nov Rolling through the Hill Where, how and why to get your bocce on
Dec Football Fever Sure, you may keep Sunday afternoons open, invite some friends over, or even hold season tickets...but no one's more serious than the Ultimate Rams Fan

Jan Boards Master Thunder Bill Hill's in the Hall of Fame
Feb Bunco Bonding A sense of community grows with each roll of the dice
Mar A Diamond In the Ruffians Our town's most mysterious wrestler opens up! Kinda!
Apr What Happens to a Dream Relocated? With baseball's Opening Day upon us, scenes from another stadium long gone
May Wanna Play Footy? Not to be confused with the flirtatious, under-the-table footsy, Aussie Rules football is in a league of its own
Jun Softball Makes Hard Sense Dave Difani hits a home run with the Black Thorn League
Jul Kickin' It, W-League Style SLU sophomore goalkeeper Meghann Burke takes her show on the road to play semi-pro soccer with the Memphis Mercury
Aug Give It Juice Feel the rumble, get seared by the heat and meet the fine, down-home folks at the I-55 Raceway in Pevely
Sep I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Kickball Everyone's favorite grade-school game makes a grown-up comeback
Oct Getting to the Punch Human drama, the trials and triumphs of man, the meaning of it all — in a backyard boxing ring
Nov More Than Running The Spirit of St. Louis Marathon brings out the best in people
Dec A Course in Lure Coursing There's a joy in watching dogs be dogs, even when their quarry is a shredded trash bag and they sometimes forget basic obedience

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