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Advocacy, opinions and editorials from those on the frontlines of civic renewal

Spring Where Kids Can Feel Snowful and Whangdoodles Run Free Why St. Louis kids need a place like 826 Valencia
Summer Peace, Not Pieces, for Forest Park Why a proposal to sell off part of the park violates the essence of its existence
Fall What Is It Good For? Just rampant military spending that destabilizes the world and undermines domestic concerns, if the folks at St. Louis' Peace Economy Project have it right

Jan The Hard Life of a Rehabber When it comes to fixing up an old house in North City, being the change you wish to see takes time and money. A lot of time and money.
Mar Robbing the Hood Eminent domain has gone from tool for public good to trick for private gain, and St. Louis suffers as a result
May River Relief: Cleaning up the Missouri River One Mile at a Time Getting down and dirty in the Big Muddy
Sep Putting Down New Roots There are places in St. Louis where residents can't buy a banana for miles, but a new urban farm in north city aims to change that for their neighbors
Oct Artica Unbound The local arts festival known for its transformative spirit undergoes a transformation of its own
Dec Sounds Like St. Louis How, in a town with such a rich musical heritage, do we not have a music museum?

Feb A Better Way to Protect Our Environment From childhood asthma to mercury-laden fish, St. Louis and Missouri have plenty of challenges to our public health, but solutions are there, too
May A Life in Record Stores As honest-to-God record stores join the endangered species list, Dale's nostalgic for St. Louis' early-'90s glory days
Jun Preserving the Virginia Mansion If Our Lady's Inn proceeds with its plans for demolition, a historic building — and the character of a neighborhood — could be lost forever
Nov Biking in the Free World Until my dream job with RATT comes through, you'll find me headed to work everyday in downtown St. Louis, fueled by pedal-power
Dec We Lose More than the Century Building Seemingly individual alterations here and there add up to an irreparable downtown fabric

Jan Up on the Gravois Buy your ticket and hop on the bus for the traveling show with a cast of familiar strangers
Feb The Matrix Unfolded Same hundred people everywhere I go. Is St. Louis The Matrix?
Mar Restored Vision Forcing the State of Missouri to see its way to doing the right thing by Medicaid patients
Apr And Now for a Word from Your Local Bookseller But does it really matter if you just pop into the big box? You better believe it does — Left Bank's co-owner explains why
May To Our Credit Missouri's historic rehab tax credit drives development and restoration; read on to find out if you could benefit, too
Jun Two Roads Reflections on denials and acceptance
Jul "Dude, Where's My City?" Authentic business enterprises like MoKaBe's and Subterranean Books come together to keep St. Louis from becoming Anytown, U.S.A.
Aug Choose the City If You Want a Safe Place with Top-Ranked Schools Think the city is a lousy place to raise children? Think again.
Sep What is Your City Saying? Urban Convergence provides the kickoff for a national conversation
Oct Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Marijean entertains world leaders and St. Louis notables, in the dining room of her fantasies
Nov The Space Between Us Growing up in the Midwest on both sides — and in the vast chasm in the middle — of the gender divide
Dec Work Gloves, Not White Gloves Are you among the many who need to rethink their assumptions about The Junior League of St. Louis?

Jan Model Citizens Genesis Models launches the faces of international fashion, from their new home base in downtown St. Louis
Feb Killing Kiel: How Not to Bring Back a Downtown Ed Golterman, a.k.a. Kiel Man, explains his campaign to revive the bygone glory of the opera house on Market Street
Mar Ain't I a Woman? Transsexuals meet in St. Louis to fight for the right to enter a women's summer music festival
Apr Gratitude Through Technology A "big thank you" to patrons of St. Louis' cultural attractions shows how regional collaboration can work
May In Search of David R. Francis A chance phone call set Harper Barnes on the path of one of St. Louis' most colorful characters, as detailed in a new book
Jun Adventures in Sound Eric Hall's at the center of the St. Louis improvisational music scene, with collaborators galore
Jul Talkin' Trash with Galen Garbage The gimmick? Cleaning up the city streets. The goal? Increased city homeownership.
Aug Maury's Neighborhood A serial killer can live anywhere, even idyllic, close-knit Ferguson Hills, where the neighbors want to tell their own story
Sep The Good, the Bad and the Hungry Living down the block from a landmark city restaurant means never being lonely in your own front yard
Oct Bon Voyage, Pops Farrar A personal remembrance of the patriarch of the musical Farrar family, who loved wine, women, song and Belleville
Nov What to Wear to a Peace Protest The police wore riot gear. I chose business casual.
Dec Adventures on Two Wheels Tales from Missouri's Katy Trail, from a reluctant rider who found herself convinced by the beauty, the surprising acquaintances made...and the pickled beets

Jan The Case for Home Rule Former Mayor wants to give power to the people
Feb Where's the Party, Post-Nader? Despite disappointing election results in 2000, St. Louis Greens keep the faith
Mar Spinach and Citizen Engagement We know both are good for us, but do we know why?
Apr The Journey to "New Images" A brief history of the Langston Hughes St. Louis World Black Poetry Festival
May A Tale of Two Cities It's all St. Louis, but two approaches to leadership here couldn't be more different
Jun Justice and a Paycheck A coalition of labor unions, churches and community groups seeks Jobs with Justice
Jul Playing Hardball The Coalition Against Public Funding for Stadiums wants a public vote on the Cardinals' backroom stadium deal
Aug Metropolis at the Crossroads Thoughts on the future of the civic organization from its new president
Sep Restructure, Rebuild, Reform One of the newest SLPS Board members sounds off on a frustrating first five months
Oct Greenways, Here We Come What's long and green and a great place to watch fireworks?
Nov World Peace and a Large Popcorn Sure, it's only the movies, but the cinematic offerings at the St. Louis International Film Festival can do their part to help increase cultural understanding in a confusing world
Dec It Sure Beats An Extra Milk Bone Dog parks in St. Louis could be man's best friend's best friend

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