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Jobs, and the folks who do them, that make St. Louis go 'round

Spring Keeping the Peace with St. Louis' Geese The local branch of GeesePeace tries to find ways for us all to just get along
Summer Eleven Questions with...Frank Viverito Talkin' sports — and Sporty Spice — with the head of the St. Louis Sports Commission
Fall Go North, Young Bass Fish farming for Canadians — plus sidelines in kohlrabi and cattle — keeps this all-American family farm swimming along

Jan Ten Questions with...Kathi Weilbacher Trailnet's event and public relations guru would never point at a deer and tell you it's an eagle
Mar East St. Louis Rhapsody A career as a public health nurse shows Mary Lisa the real side of "the East Side"
May Eleven Questions with ... Eric Woods We talk letterpress and life goals with the Chief Explosion Officer at Firecracker Press
Sep A Rabbi Walks into a Bar... In which a young, female rabbi ponders the meaning of life and Victoria's Secret
Dec The Human Photoshop Andy Magee brings paintings back to life one Q-Tip full of paint at a time

Feb Eleven Questions with...Gen Obata Bluegrass guitarist, quilt-maker or artist with a feline muse? Yes.
May Eleven Questions with...Mallarie Zimmer The executive director of Venus Envy gives the inside line on St. Louis' all-women-artist show, which ancient goddess she would be...and her incongruous love of muscle cars
Jun You Grow, Girl Crops and community combine under the patient care of Carrie Fathman at the Schlafly Bottleworks garden
Nov Eleven Questions with...Marijean Jaggers Her part-time gig as STLtoday.com's shopping columnist is a real-life "Shopaholic Takes St. Louis"
Dec Girl on Film Eleven questions with Andrea Sporcic

Jan Making It Up as We Go Along What it takes to keep 'em laughing at downtown's CITY Improv
Feb From Sylvie, With Luv She sacrifices all for her fashion business — her social life, her time and her life savings — and says it's worth every minute
Mar Rock'n'Roll High School For the prep-punk band The Reactions, a day's work is a night's play
Apr Nosey Broads for Hire Gettin' down and dirty with the Charlie's Angels of house history
May Screening at the Top of My Lungs It's tough work watching all the newest movies, jetting off to film festivals and rubbing shoulders with the stars — honestly!
Jun Eleven Questions With...Tom Schlafly Even if you've never met the man, you probably know his beer; is this a great job or what?
Jul Unemployment: The Rules Between gigs? Keep your sanity intact (and your shoes on) by following The Rules.
Aug Eleven Questions with ... Jake Hafner No, he's not 33, and it's not his address — but it is a clue to the happenin'-est wine shop in the city
Sep A Day in the Life of a Faker Would I lie, smoke and describe intimate health problems to a complete stranger? That's what being a standardized patient is all about.
Oct A Life in Junk Time simultaneously stands still and marches by — under the watchful eyes of septuagenarian sisters — at Nick Nacks and More
Nov The Hill's Magic Beans Not the kind that grew Jack's beanstalk, but casting their own spell, just the same
Dec Eleven Questions with ... David Halen As the concertmaster for the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, he gets the musicians whipped into shape for every concert — but also gets a sweet parking spot

Jan Madness Precedes Genius From the street beat as a county police officer to running St. Louis' hottest new art space, Ron Buechele squeezes 25 hours from every day
Feb Coffee, Conversation and Commerce Utopia's socially sound "fair trade" coffee stand is a source of talk — and warmth — in the halls of Soulard Market on Saturday mornings
Mar Radio Glory Years St. Louis' broadcasting tradition is well-represented on a local website, which has recently debuted a Hall of Fame for the best in the over-the-air business
Apr Welcome to America, or at Least, Union Station Riding shotgun with the multinational force that makes up downtown's cab-driving population
May They Roll Their Own At Mama Toscano's on The Hill, it's always time to make the t-ravs
Jun Music as the Muse For the Ambassadors' David Simon, music culture in St. Louis is more organic, supportive and communal than ever, and beats New York any day
Jul In Search of Rosie, Train #108 What's the mysterious Metrolink driver who wishes you a "luscious day" really thinking?
Aug Baseball and Bucks As a strike date looms for the Major Leagues, a new book examines St. Louis' long and colorful history with the game — and business — of baseball, detailing a time when players moonlighted to make ends meet.
Sep Between the Music Think life's a breeze in a top hat and rabbit ears? Legendary local radio DJ Johnny Rabbitt breaks down his busy workweek, from pitching advertisers to picking up outfits for his live appearances. And, sure, spinning some songs, too.
Oct Taxing Work Attorney Charles Lowenhaupt has watched the changes in Downtown from an enduring perch — his family's tax firm
Nov Beane There Saint Louis U's assistant basketball coach discusses a job that's only partly about basketball
Dec Higher Purpose Marcus Watson wants to sell you a book, sure, but he really wants to engage your mind

Jan Bring the Noise The pleasures and pitfalls of publishing the NoisyPaper
Feb Words And Flowers Young poet Karim Hameed's a fixture at Soulard Market
Mar Love, Las Vegas-style, at the 24-Hour Wedding Parlor When Wylline's running the wedding, it will be simply beautiful, even at 4 a.m.
Apr Weekend Warrior Last call at Miss Ethel's Clover Leaf Bar is just the beginning for the hardest working street jock in town
May I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night A lot — of cleaning, junking and preparation — goes on before the doors swing open at the Way Out Club
Jun Just the (Natural) Facts After hours and behind the scenes at the coolest deli in town
Jul Downtown's "Savior" is a Jack of Two Trades Charlie Santangelo looks at downtown, the hot dog business and old age in Florida
Aug Dressed for the Line of Duty Union Station doorman Joe Carter knows how to handle every situation, proving it's not just clothes that make the man
Sep Life is Just a Bowl of Bouillabaisse Our favorite restaurant reviewer eats globally, writes locally — and could be at the table next to you
Oct Symphonic Serendipity Amy Oshiro became a violinist with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra to take a year off from Julliard; three years later, she's still here, with some strong opinions about the SLSO and its future
Nov For Future Reference Wondering if you can establish that final link to prove you're related to Thomas Jefferson? It wouldn't be the first time around for this reference librarian.
Dec A Little "April" In December "April is My Religion" filmmaker Bill Boll discusses his world premiere, the ease of video editing and the best way to thaw a frozen bird

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