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Radiant Light
By Jane Linders

I have been trying alternative photographic techniques for several years, yet I always find my way back to infrared black and white film. Infrared light is invisible to the naked eye. This moody film, coupled with a dark red filter can produce dramatic results. Because of the nature of infrared film, this light does not correspond to the way we see things every day. An ordinary sky can become quite dramatic, and the radiation from vegetation turns anything with chlorophyll bright white. I like to choose cemeteries as my subjects when using this film because the unfamiliar reality adds to the ethereal quality of the images. I use infrared film as a photographic means to transform reality and open a door in our imagination leading to visual poetry and dreamscapes.

I have been doing photography for the last ten years. I don't have any formal training in art or photography — I majored in chemistry in college. I like to say that I received my art degree from the St. Louis County Library, because most of what I have learned about art and photography was from books checked out from the library. I photograph places and things that catch my eye as I travel through life. Like many artists, my time is divided between my family, my job and my art. To maintain some sort of balance, most of my photographs are shot while I'm going on about my ordinary life. While taking a kid to a soccer game, a family outing or a vacation, I always manage to find something of interest to capture.


Jane Linders has been featured in several area exhibits, including: 8th Annual Regional Fine Art Exhibition, St. Charles Community College, Brian Smith juror, October 2002; University City Photo Show, University City Library, Adult Innovative, 3rd Place, April 2002; Arts and Aperture Gallery, Solo Exhibit, Creve Coeur, April 2002; and Urban Exposures, 1st Place, Parks Gallery, St. Louis, November 2001. See more of her work at

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