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Thank you! Thank you to everyone who participated in our St. Louis trivia contest and silent auction at the Tap Room on Sunday, November 17. More »

Be our Friend. Want to get in on the ground floor of something great? Looking for something to bring excitement to your days, meaning to your life and a lustrous shine to your hair? You, my friend, need to be one of our Friends.

SLIFF Reviews. The St. Louis International Film Festival starts on Friday, November 15. Read up to find out which films you won't want to miss.

The View from Stockton House. In the second installment of their monthly column, David Laslie and Frederick Medler offer advice for sailing Beyond the Seas of Asphalt.

Church and State:
By Amanda E. Doyle
Committed to the Core
So, a pastor, a rabbi and a priest walk into a ballroom at the Chase Park Plaza hotel...but the influence of Metropolitan Congregations United is no joke >>

By Kurt Groetsch
Rolling through the Hill
Where, how and why to get your bocce on >>

By Emily C. Smith
Leaving "You Guys" for "Y'all" and Back...
After years of back-and-forth between Texas and the Lou, this frequent expatriate has repatriated...and hopes she'll meet Nelly >>

By Stefene Russell
The Superhero of Shaw
Fed up with the punks and the no-good-niks? One man in the Shaw neighborhood was, too...and he and his neighbors did something about it. >>

From the Source:
By Patrick Landewe
What to Wear to a Peace Protest
The police wore riot gear. I chose business casual. >>

It's All Happening:
By Thomas Crone and Amanda E. Doyle
More than Pilgrims and Pigskins
Here're our tips on what to do, see and hear in November. And there's not a single turkey among them. >>

Young Minds:
By Amanda E. Doyle
Molding a New Model of Community
Seen the new art center along Manchester in Forest Park Southeast? The colors are bright, the kids are showing up...and a new neighborhood dialogue is taking place. >>

The Ordinary Eye:
By Jane Linders
Radiant Light
The ordinary becomes extraordinary when you see St. Louis on infrared film >>

By Leslie Frieden Ash
Motor City on the Move
Detroit Synergy Group connects Detroiters to their city, creating a renewed sense of pride in place >>

Sights and Sounds:
By Thomas Crone
Best-Kept Secrets
Spooks, tales from our local no-tell motel and some stuff that people just FOUND >>

Media Shoegaze:
By Traci Angel
Sunday Morning Live
Need a new fix for news, talk and debate? Then try an unlikely source: Majic 105 on a weekend morning. >>

A Day's Work:
By Thomas Crone
Beane There
Saint Louis U's assistant basketball coach discusses a job that's only partly about basketball >>

From the Editor:
By Brian H. Marston
Do You Wi-Fi?
Something's in the air in Grand Center: free public Internet access >>


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