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Spring The Death of Black Radio A personal perspective from Bernie Hayes
Summer Looking Through the Lens of Change: The Otro Mar Project Mix social activism and digital filmmaking and you've got a powerful combination
Fall Young Writers Calling the Shots: Corner Pocket Magazine The St. Louis kids' latest assignment: review Weird Al's "White & Nerdy" in the context of black youth culture

Jan Life, Underground My own journey through the scene in St. Louis led me to make a documentary about all the cool people out there, just doing their own thing
Mar News, in Black and White The new editor of St. Louis' oldest black newspaper hopes it will be read all over, as the sleepy underdog wakes up
May Rebuilding St. Louis: Telling the Story of a City's Comeback Independent video producer Margie Newman brings urban revitalization to living rooms throughout the region
Sep News About the News A roundup of media tidbits, since last we spoke
Dec Pod Politics Listen up, city of St. Louis! Your mayor's website is talking

Feb Livin' la Vida Louis KETC strengthens its stable of local-origination programming with "Living St. Louis"
May Bye Bye, Berger St. Louis loses its gossip column of record, which goes out in a swirling cloud of gossip of its own
Jun Blogging the Lou Wanna waste time at work and keep up on the doin's in town? St. Louis-based blogs are required reading.
Nov I'll Be a Young American An expat writer comes home to take the editorial reins at the St. Louis American
Dec Is Pulitzer Prized? We spoke to the editor of the St. Louis Journalism Review the day that Pulitzer Company announced it was exploring a sale that would include its flagship newspaper, the Post-Dispatch

Jan Farewell to the Mainstream Revolutionary St. Louis had no better friend than the late Greg Freeman
Feb Tales with a TwiST TwiST magazine tries to stake out a middle ground between gay and straight
Mar Driven by Design A snappy new publication is catching the eye — and attention — of folks interested in our city's design and architectural landscape
Apr Forecast for Our Times from the Weather Underground Revolutionary Bill Ayers addressed a small St. Louis audience in mid-February, discussing the outlets for peace, the value of protest and the media's power in "the United States of Amnesia"
May Regime Change at the RFT St. Louis native Tom Finkel returns home to take the reins at the Riverfront Times
Jun Playback St. Louis: The Birth of a Monster Running a local arts and entertainment magazine is a lot like having children
Jul When News Breaks One local reporter's experience covering the human drama of the McRee Town controversy
Aug Party Time, Excellent Take the sorry state of television into your own hands at DHTV, where your public access show could be as popular as "Wayne's World"
Sep A Voice Among the Stacks Our roving literary reporter rates the best and worst newsstands around town, learning a little about boob jobs along the way
Oct Sports Plus ... What? St. Louis broadcasters' many allegiances often blur the line between journalism and commercial pitching
Nov Wake Up, Plug In, Speak Out St. Louis-based Socket Press plans to return literature to the masses
Dec Workin' It A new book lets the people of St. Louis tell their own stories of being on the job in the big city

Jan Under the Radar First-time filmmaker Matt Meyer dissects the creation of his highly-entertaining punk rock documentary, STL 2000
Feb Whats Up Magazine Hits the Streets A new publication distributed by homeless St. Louisans aims to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable
Mar R.I.P to P.E.P. One local fan remembers the genius of Pete Parisi and his scandalous "World Wide Magazine"
Apr Taking da Lou Worldwide gives St. Louis artists a much-needed media outlet
May Back to Basics Putting people back into the equation makes technology a great neighborhood tool
Jun Media Arts Alliance A short history and a drawn out obituary for a pioneering new media experiment
Jul Who Counts? Did St. Louis police, along with our local daily newspaper editors, downplay the murders of a suspected serial killer until the very end?
Aug St. Pauls, Brains, Snoots and Tripe For a Pittsburgh video crew, St. Louis offers a wealth of weird and wacky sandwiches. Here's the inside scoop on their search for funky foods, coming to a PBS station near you.
Sep Power (of the Press) to the People Pissed at the Post? Apathetic towards the American? Maybe you're ready for the pugnacious Public Defender.
Oct Mix Tapes Trial and error on the road to a decent, locally produced music t.v. show for the Lou
Nov Sunday Morning Live Need a new fix for news, talk and debate? Then try an unlikely source: Majic 105 on a weekend morning.
Dec They Shoot Outsiders Here, Don't They? Ten months after his arrival as editor-in-chief at the Riverfront Times, the Speedloader unloads on what he loathes — and loves — about St. Louis

Jan Random Notes on Local Media Chuck Norman's party, JC's book and other media tidbits
Feb Orestes, Oregon, and Oratory Where to get your information, from official campaign rhetoric to experimental student tv
Mar The Frequency of Community KDHX General Manager Bev Hacker parses out the station's successes and goals
Apr Let's Pretend Media make-believe leads to a shiny, happy U.S.A.; who cares if it's for real?
May (Press) Power to the People The St. Louis Independent Media Center hits town and the web to tell the untold stories
Jun Talk Radio On KMOX's wee hours shift, the "interesting" callers come out when the sun goes down
Jul The Accidental Media Campaign A chance meeting turns into a positive commercial appeal for the city
Aug Lights, Camera and St. Louis Action It's a wrap for the St. Louis Filmmaker Showcase, and other movie tidbits from around town
Sep Wake Up to Lizz Brown A chat with WGNU's controversial conversationalist, who loves being called a liberal
Oct R.I.P.: Intermission Magazine The former editor and publisher dissects the death of the independent, monthly mag
Nov Foreign Diplomacy The editor of the southside Suburban Journals speaks out on why he decided to publish in the Bosnian language, and offers a response to angry, longtime readers
Dec Flame Wars, Marketing Droids and the Power of Information The host of our town's hottest e-mail lists discusses their history and the role they play in the life of our city

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