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Talk Radio
By R. Emmett McAuliffe, Jr.

R. Emmett McAuliffe, Jr.

Hosting a late night talk show is a blast! Late night is the true soul of the news/talk format at KMOX because the host and listeners can explore a subject at a deeper level than is possible during the hectic daytime. I enjoy the craft of trying to keep a discussion moving and developing that 6th sense about who is going to be a good caller and who isn't. Callers to the show probably don't realize that they are players in a radio drama with me as the director!

Besides being a practicing entertainment/media and trademark attorney, I am a married father of three sons. The rewards are tremendous and far outweigh the disadvantages. What are some of the rewards? Well, I'm heard in 44 states at the time of my show, which allows for a tremendous and varied audience and unbelievably wide name recognition. Also, I get the most interesting of callers. I've had callers from as far as Canada call my show. One night the movie star John Goodman called in to respond to a trivia question all the way from Canada while on a film shoot. Yes, there are many quirky callers, too. Once, I had a "stalker" calling in, writing and professing love without ever meeting me in person!

How do I prepare for my weekly show? I prepare for the show throughout the week, scheduling guests, reading and studying current events, researching the latest developments and lining up just the right music. I try to rest before the show for a few hours and then rush into the station to start by 1:30 a.m. The show is on until 5:00 a.m. I then have a group of fans who meet me at a local doughnut shop for coffee and continuation of the show's topics. After this, I slink home and go straight to bed till around noon, when I must take care of the home front. This may include mowing the lawn, repair projects, swimming lessons for the kids, and playing ball with the boys in the backyard and the occasional concert attendance.

I sometimes wonder why I continue this hectic pace for little money and the answer is apparent. I love what I do and even though it may wreak havoc with my bio-rhythms, I wouldn't give it up for the world!

R. Emmett McAuliffe is an entertainment/media and trademark attorney, and the married father of three sons. Just like he said. You can find out his favorite place for a cherry chip doughnut at

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