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Word Up
By Maddie Earnest

To see the Summer Sky

Is Poetry,
though never in
a Book it lie-

True Poems flee.
— Emily Dicknson

Sometimes poems hang, not flee. Take advantage of the long days of summer and take a ride over to Old North St. Louis for Word Up. Eleven large banners are literally hanging around the neighborhood. Each banner contains a snippet of the Langston Hughes poem "Fulfilment." (And no, that is not misspelled, poets do things like that — you know, poetic license and all...)

Designed by students at Webster University, this project of The Commonspace was truly a collaborative effort: banners were designed by students at Webster University, and with help from ONSL Restoration Group, Stepping Into the Light Ministries, (and a whole lot of time), Amanda Doyle, Ann Haubrich and I installed the banners just in time for the neighborhood's house tour.

The photos here are just a tease — you have to get over to ONSL to see for yourself. Click here for more information.

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