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Cloud Chasing
By Hilary Hitchcock

Woke up one day in late August, peeked out the window, saw that the clouds were putting on quite a show — look at me! Photograph me!

Got in the car with the intention of snapping the old St. Henry's church tower (all that's left standing of the church, which closed in 1977) against that fabulous sky.

Roamed around the South Side a bit, couldn't find it. Phoned my dad, who told me where it should be. Alas, it's apparently gone now. Did find that the St. Henry's parish had merged with Immaculate Conception, another beauty. The combined parish is now on the list of closed parishes of the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

But during that outing, I shot a number of St. Louis' architectural (and other) marvels, inspired by how extra-special they looked with their natural backdrop. Below, you'll see, among others:

  1. an exit ramp from I-44 that I pass nearly every day and am always taken with (why, I don't know);
  2. a view going north on Compton over I64/40 (MODOT has announced plans to replace the bridge, beginning in November);
  3. a great soul food restaurant on Compton. I think the signage is new. I don't recall this restaurant ever being marked before; it was sort of a word-of-mouth kind of place. Haven't been there in ages. I miss the cornbread — sort of a cross between traditional cornbread and a pancake. I don't think there are any heart-healthy menu options here!; and
  4. a church on Spring Ave., near Saint Louis University, with the Continental Life Building visible through one of the windows.

Hilary Hitchcock was born and raised in St. Louis, and attended nursery school through college on the 93 (Lindell) bus line. She is an editor, and lives in Clifton Heights. More of her photos can be seen here.

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