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Spring Octoroon Like Me Genetics opens a new window on racial integration
Summer Cop Talk On the reinforcement of mutual stereotypes
Fall Urban Popcorn Socio-economic collisions in the street

Jan Rodney and Dominic The senseless deaths of two youths show how far we have to go to make Mound City a city on a hill
Mar Settling In Like Willie Wonka, I glimpsed the golden ticket: Chicago! But I'm staying down on the St. Louis farm
May St. Louis: The City that Never Shuts Up A trip to Chicago yields some insights into our hometown
Sep Selling STL In which we are reminded that it's not the Arch, stupid
Dec Home Sweet Wherever When your whole world begins and ends at the garage door

Feb The Original Palm Pilot Based on what's scribbled on my hand, things are hopping in the Lou
May St. Louis' Public Living Room The Commonspace aims to be your home away from home
Jun The Day Job Divide What do you do? The answer nearly never sums up what's really going on.
Nov Misty, Watercolor Memories From breakdancing throwdowns to the night the hot chocolate ran out, some snapshots of The Commonspace's crazy life on North Grand
Dec Tie a Yellow (Pink/Orange/Red/Camo) Ribbon 'Round the SUV Before long, we're going to need an Activist's Color-Coded Legend

Jan Haiku for the Lou In the post-holiday lull, try these verses on for some January reflections
Feb Going Off the 9-to-5 Grid St. Louis is a great place to dowhatchalike
Mar I've Got Friends in E-Places Strong ties bind me to friends I don't know
Apr Editors' Choice These are a few of our favorite things
May They're the People That You Meet Each Day From Zebra Van-Man to the infamous Baton Guy, spotting these folks is a good omen on any day
Jun The Memphis Manifesto Summit The good, the bad and the catty, as told by one member of the Creative 100
Jul Tempest in a Lou-Cup What's in a name? Some people's entire civic identity, to judge by the controversy of "the Lou"
Aug A World Apart Searching for common space in a politically polarized America
Sep Call Me The wily cell phone crept in — belatedly — and began subtly reshaping my social life
Oct It's Actually Working! Catching glimpses of a better St. Louis at The Commonspace
Nov Entertainment Tonight ... But For Whom? Even in our diversions, our city often splits along racial lines
Dec Year in Review 2003 was a big year for The Commonspace

Jan The Aldermanic Shuffle Redistricting lets some aldermen off the hook with their former constituents
Feb Business (Journal) As Usual In the "progress as promised" world of the St. Louis Business Journal, fairness in reporting is an unfortunate casualty
Mar The Kids Are Alright Do you know a young person who's making a difference in St. Louis? Nominate him or her for The Commonspace's 21 Under 21.
Apr Me, the Juror All my years of watching "Law and Order" did nothing to prepare me for jury duty in the City of St. Louis
May The Dirty Dozen Mayor Slay recently announced a list of the city's worst slumlords. Too bad he's not saying who's on it.
Jun Porch-Sitting Season From budding romances to furious fights, drama unfolds before your very own St. Louis porch perch
Jul Statistically Significant The 2000 census highlights some ugly truths about the distribution of money, melanin and matriculates across the St. Louis region
Aug Theories on the Dearly Departed Is St. Louis back? If so, why do some of our high-profile cheerleaders keep bailing out?
Sep Reach Out and Touch Someone You (yes, you!) are part of our grand experiment in self-publishing. Thanks for making us real.
Oct Radio Regression How I defied demographics to become the newest fan of St. Louis' Hit Music station
Nov Do You Wi-Fi? Something's in the air in Grand Center: free public Internet access
Dec Fan of Fanning The South City school opens its doors for the community — and a few curious alums

Jan Schemes A-Plenty Towards the civic good and a weekly paycheck
Feb Civic Cod Liver Oil, or, Shut Up! You Got it Good The target market who jeered at RCGA's ad campaign
Mar What Civic Leaders can Learn from the New Economy Viral marketing, virtuous cycles, and other lessons from the dot-com world
Apr Crossing the Line Thoughts on not staying inside the lines of our color-coded city
May You Are What You Eat The RFT restaurant poll reveals some unappetizing trends
Jun Welcome to the Tram of the Renaissance Will Vince Schoemehl's plan get Grand Center back on track?
Jul Shifting Out of Park What St. Louis can learn from Venice about building a city for people, not cars
Aug Baby, Please Don't Go Young talented folks are leaving, the city's not cool enough, and the brain drain has leaders worried. Sound familiar? It may not be where you think.
Sep Trickle-Up Theory C'babi Bayoc and Blake Brokaw are two of a growing legion of cultural creatives who are remaking St. Louis while the powers that be are busy looking the other way
Oct Ain't That America? My changing relationship with the U.S. flags in bloom all across St. Louis
Nov Activism Requires Activity If only changing the world were as easy as Buy This! and Click Here!
Dec Happy Birthday to Us Who knew this online civics experiment would still be here in a year? We did ... or at least we hoped.

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