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Jan 2003 / from the editor :: email this story to a friend

Haiku for the Lou
By Amanda E. Doyle

Remember learning haiku in school? Seemed brilliant, didn't it? Toss off a trifecta of lines, throw in some nature mumbo-jumbo, and really, there was no difference between you and the 17th-century haiku master Bashó.

Bashó Haiku seems to've enjoyed a renaissance of sorts, at least in the (admittedly easily amused) circles in which I find myself. You can hardly enjoy a cold one at the Black Thorn or chill at the Zodiac Lounge without someone eventually flipping over a napkin to record her brilliant observations of the unfolding scene. Granted, most of these entries tend to focus pretty tightly on inebriation and its effects on the group ("wild-eyed in the dirt" is a perfect five syllables fitting many occasions), but it's fun, anyone can do it, and you'll have given expression to your inner poet.

We'd like to hear from you and that poet trapped deep, deep within. Send us your best St. Louis-themed haiku (no more than three entries per person, please) via e-mail to, and the staff of The Commonspace will choose our favorite; the winner will receive a gift certificate to Tangerine, easily one of our town's best restaurants. All submissions must be received by midnight on January 24; we will publish a selection of what we receive.

For inspiration, here are some St. Louis-inspired lines to get you in the spirit, from my own inner haiku-ist:

First big snow all year,
My block will never get plowed;
Reason to stay home.

Even in winter,
Visions of Ted Drewes linger;
Who says it's too cold?

"Pardon our progress,"
Says Washington Avenue;
Is an end in sight?

Big boys and concrete;
One way or another they'll
Connect Arch, downtown.

Had enough yard work?
Seeking bright lights, big city?
Let's all get a loft!

Honey, wake the kids!
Home Rule passed, even outstate;
Wait, what does it mean?

Vast, empty stretches;
But Mayor Slay still wonders,
"Where will people park?"

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