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Dec 2004 / the ordinary eye :: email this story to a friend

I Love a Parade
By Amanda E. Doyle

Honorary Grand Marshal Elmo flexes his furry muscle
This year's special guest, a "rare Eurasian eagle owl," looks like he'd rather be anywhere but here...
This joker was the first inflatable to make an appearance
The beginnings of a lifelong obsession with electronics
For my money, the best float: a somewhat out-of-scale Art Museum, Saint Louis and sledders on a faux Art Hill
Bands from all over the region were on the march
Hide the children: it's Fezzie, the cuddly mascot of the many, many Moolah Shriners in the parade — if the Shriners ever disband, this parade is history
A hometown-proud, souped-up, road-ready grocery cart: kickin' ass and taking coupons!
Dude, has anyone seen my turkey hat?
Forget what's on the route: the real action's behind this kid's dad
The daughter: high on life. Her mom: high on The Beast. (nota bene: approximate time, 10:30 a.m.)
Money shot: the big man makes it to Mound City

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