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Bittersweet Season
By Amanda E. Doyle

Jenny Florida:
"I've been swimming with my kids at least every other weekend; [neighbors] told me that their pool was my pool, so I've been taking them up on it!" (Editor's note: Ald. Florida has the deep, dark tropical tan to prove it.)

Jenny Florida
Matt Villa:
"Over the summer vacation I have been doing lots of 'home work.' My wife Laura and I recently purchased an old house on Holly Hills and are fixing it up."

Matt Villa
Joe Roddy:
"The high point for our family this summer was our pilgrimage to Disney World. In addition to it being our first trip to Disney World, it was our sons' (Joseph & Brendan) first time on an airplane and first trip to the ocean."

Joe Roddy
Phyllis Young:
"We took our big vacation over the spring break of the Board. But, this summer my husband and I took the train to Chicago to take in the sights. We visited the Field Museum to see "Sue," the Chocolate Exhibit, and the Pearl Exhibition. We went to the Conservancy for the Chihuly show, saw a concert, and caught a Second City show. We walked the lakefront and enjoyed many Chicago restaurants. I'm always ready for a trip to the Windy City!"

Phyllis Young
Pat Dougherty:
"Since I had a primary election, I spent my entire summer working on the campaign and running for office." (Editor's note: Senator Dougherty's stolen summer paid off in a primary victory.)

Pat Dougherty

And to Alderman Craig Schmid, extra credit for creative writing:

"What?! You mean I missed the summer vacation experience — again? This year I toured a little bit of the old country: Italy on the "Hill" (10th Ward); Germany, next door (20th Ward); Bosnia (Cafe Verrona hearings - 10th Ward); and South-of-the-Border (Cherokee Street and Hispanic Chamber - 20th Ward). My "passport" even has stamps from non-Indian tribe and non-State street names from the new 10th Ward. We did make it to Sesame Street with the kids and other spots around town. We even had a "casting" call for a child's broken elbow. Finally, along with everyone else in St. Louis, I am fording the West Nile."

Craig Schmid

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