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Church and State:
By Amanda E. Doyle
Bittersweet Season
Labor Day always marks the back-to-school, back-to-the-grindstone end to the joys of summer. So we asked our elected officials: what did you do over your summer vacation? >>

By Marijean Jaggers
Beer Float
Ah, that most Midwestern of pastimes, an annual, river-bound appreciation of "Ozarkian" charm >>

By Fred McKissack Jr.
The Dial Stays Left
For Fred McKissack Jr., St. Louis memories come via the public airwaves >>

By Amanda E. Doyle
Lunch and a Side of Hope
From its start 14 years ago with just seven clients, Food Outreach has grown to be a critical link in keeping St. Louisans with HIV/AIDS on their feet >>

From the Source:
By Jill Hampton
The Good, the Bad and the Hungry
Living down the block from a landmark city restaurant means never being lonely in your own front yard >>

It's All Happening:
By Thomas Crone and Amanda E. Doyle
September Swings!
A full dance-card in our September calendar, with live music, DJs galore, funky movies and some civic fiber for your soul >>

Young Minds:
By Laura Winter and Bob Koff
Scrutiny for the School Board
Although they're unpaid, St. Louis Board of Education members are among the most influential elected figures in town. A new group thinks we should all be more involved in their recruitment and selection. >>

The Ordinary Eye:
By Bob Reuter
Southside Rock'n'Roll Women
Familiarity with females of the species doesn't necessarily lead to understanding them >>

By Jason Toon
New Urbanist ... Cuba?
Forget what the politicians have told you about commies and their ugly cities, and tag along as Jason Toon explores the sublimely urban Havana >>

Sights and Sounds:
By Thomas Crone
Art in the Urban Wilderness
We look back at the Artica 2002 event, a decidedly different way to spend a summer weekend in St. Louis >>

Media Shoegaze:
By Antonio D. French
Power (of the Press) to the People
Pissed at the Post? Apathetic towards the American? Maybe you're ready for the pugnacious Public Defender. >>

A Day's Work:
By Ron "Johnny Rabbitt" Elz
Between the Music
Think life's a breeze in a top hat and rabbit ears? Legendary local radio DJ Johnny Rabbitt breaks down his busy workweek, from pitching advertisers to picking up outfits for his live appearances. And, sure, spinning some songs, too. >>

From the Editor:
By Brian H. Marston
Reach Out and Touch Someone
You (yes, you!) are part of our grand experiment in self-publishing. Thanks for making us real. >>


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