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Church and State:
By Amanda E. Doyle
Democrats, Divided
In the city's 15th Ward, a new Democratic organization plans to change business as usual in local politics >>

By Chris Krummenacher
Although storm chasers warn against practicing their hobby in urban environments, big changes in the weather take Chris Krummenacher right back to his first encounter with The Big One >>

By Chrissie Richards
Packin' It In
Peace, quiet and a full-size water heater might be just around the corner in the next apartment of the serial mover >>

By Joy White
Getting Back to Our Roots
It's about a lot more than hair at The Loop's NAPPS salon, a hub of the African American community >>

From the Source:
By Mary Clarke
Model Citizens
Genesis Models launches the faces of international fashion, from their new home base in downtown St. Louis >>

It's All Happening:
By Thomas Crone, Amanda Doyle and Brian H. Marston
Ring in the New
There's plenty to see, hear and do in the first month of the New Year, with civics, music, and a pre-Lord of the Rings Frodo appearance dotting our monthly calendar >>

Young Minds:
By Ellen Berg
Getting Schooled
A St. Louis middle school teacher's journal chronicles how letting go of strict control led to excitement about learning in her class >>

The Ordinary Eye:
By Lynn Josse
The Collection of the Century
With downtown's historic Century Building slated for demolition, the arrival of a trove of old St. Louis postcards couldn't be timelier in its ability to show the city's potential >>

By Thomas Crone
Now Showing: Time Passing By
Bucking the megaplex trend, smaller movie theaters can bring an open-for-business feel to their towns >>

Sights and Sounds:
By Thomas Crone
Sounds of the Season
As always, December proves the best month for music; plus some other scattered fun things from the last month of 2001 >>

Media Shoegaze:
By Matt Meyer
Under the Radar
First-time filmmaker Matt Meyer dissects the creation of his highly-entertaining punk rock documentary, STL 2000 >>

A Day's Work:
By Andrea Avery
Madness Precedes Genius
From the street beat as a county police officer to running St. Louis' hottest new art space, Ron Buechele squeezes 25 hours from every day >>

From the Editor:
By Brian H. Marston
The Aldermanic Shuffle
Redistricting lets some aldermen off the hook with their former constituents >>


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