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Church and State:
By Kent D. Shaw
French Church in a French City
They're parlez-ing Francais at the Harmony Baptist Church, where the Sunday service ends with a side order of fruit >>

By Brian McCown
I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Kickball
Everyone's favorite grade-school game makes a grown-up comeback >>

By Terrence McCreight
Toxi-City: Has St. Louis Really Changed?
Police harassment and racial hatred keep one former St. Louisan at arm's length in Houston >>

By Jill Hampton
Don't Fence Me In
A St. Louis transplant uncovers some unwritten community rules in her simple quest for backyard privacy >>

From the Source:
By Amy Hilgemann, Ph.D.
Restructure, Rebuild, Reform
One of the newest SLPS Board members sounds off on a frustrating first five months >>

It's All Happening:
By Thomas Crone and Amanda E. Doyle
September Events: Musts to Eat, See, Hear and Ponder
Our end-of-summer blockbuster list of the stuff you'll kick yourself if you miss >>

Young Minds:
By Roseann Weiss
New Art in the Neighborhood
Grand Center's Forum for Contemporary Art nourishes the spirits — and stomachs — of budding urban artists >>

The Ordinary Eye:
By Robert Powers
Unorthodox Beauty
Proof that St. Louis is an abundantly beautiful city if you know where to look >>

By Meg Studer
Confidence is so Attractive
Pittsburgh is giving itself a makeover with self-promotion >>

Sights and Sounds:
By Thomas Crone
The Best of What We've Heard, Read and Seen Lately
Including local band Climber, a wacky film short and something about heads in a bottle >>

Media Shoegaze:
By Joy White
Wake Up to Lizz Brown
A chat with WGNU's controversial conversationalist, who loves being called a liberal >>

A Day's Work:
By Joe Bonwich
Life is Just a Bowl of Bouillabaisse
Our favorite restaurant reviewer eats globally, writes locally — and could be at the table next to you >>

From the Editor:
By Brian H. Marston
Trickle-Up Theory
C'babi Bayoc and Blake Brokaw are two of a growing legion of cultural creatives who are remaking St. Louis while the powers that be are busy looking the other way >>


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