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The View from Stockton House:
By David Laslie and Frederick Medler
On the Public Realm: Sidewalks, Shade, and Sauntering
It is imperative to address the degradation of public space if we are to protect individual rights and maintain a civilized society >>

Church and State:
By Jean-Joel Spatafora
Hey, Baby, What's Your Dosha?
Get in touch with your body, mind and soul at the new Ayurveda Temple in town >>

By Jen Guyer
Hiding in Plain View
How Geocaching will get you off of the couch and rooting around at your neighborhood parks and other mysterious places >>

By Meg Studer
Do You Know the Way to San Louie?
The way you pronounce our city and state, and what it all means, have been on Meg's mind since she left >>

By Julia Smillie
Saturday mornings fly by spent among girls — and the occasional guy! — who purl >>

From the Source:
By Jason McClelland
Biking in the Free World
Until my dream job with RATT comes through, you'll find me headed to work everyday in downtown St. Louis, fueled by pedal-power >>

It's All Happening:
By Amanda E. Doyle and Brian H. Marston
A Bounty of Activity
Fun doesn't stop just because it's the next-to-last page on your calendar >>

Young Minds:
By Josh Paul
Am I My Sista's Keeper?
YW-Teens programs grow St. Louis girls into tomorrow's leaders >>

The Ordinary Eye:
Text by Bob Hansman
Photos by Gen Obata

Holding Justice in Our Hands
When an artist's projection about the consequences of violence came to town, the controversy surrounding the details almost overtook the important subject matter itself >>

By Patrick Landewe
The Mysterious Ms. X
Can I predict a new St. Louisan's social destiny from the other side of the country? The bet is on. >>

Sights and Sounds:
By John Ginsburg
Eat Me in St. Louis
The Dinner Club dishes, for your dining pleasure >>

Media Shoegaze:
By Chris King
I'll Be a Young American
An expat writer comes home to take the editorial reins at the St. Louis American >>

A Day's Work:
By Amanda E. Doyle
Eleven Questions with...Marijean Jaggers
Her part-time gig as's shopping columnist is a real-life "Shopaholic Takes St. Louis" >>

From the Editor:
By Amanda E. Doyle and Brian H. Marston
Misty, Watercolor Memories
From breakdancing throwdowns to the night the hot chocolate ran out, some snapshots of The Commonspace's crazy life on North Grand >>


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