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May 2004 / the ordinary eye :: email this story to a friend

St. Louis by Lomo
By Patrick and Teresa Hurley

What is Lomo? Well, this question is answered (in several different ways, most of which contradict one another . . . that's Lomo, as they say) at the International Lomography website. Basically, the Lomo LCA (lightweight compact automatic) is a clever little Soviet camera discovered by some clever Austrian art students. Two of the camera's features interest me: ability to function in extremely low light situations and crazy color saturation. The features work well together to capture the smoky, whiskey-sodden environs of the typical bar. The extremely oversaturated colors work especially well for my growing collection of sign photos, almost all of which have been taken during daylight. Eventually, I will have the energy to crawl from my barstool out into the night where I may exploit my Lomo to capture some of my favorite signs when they are actually illuminated. Or not.


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