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Church and State:
By Thomas Crone
In Conversation with Barb Geisman
The city's chief development official discusses Downtown's prognosis for 2003 >>

By Stefene Russell
Duende in South City
Stomp those feet and show your soul in flamenco, the traditional dance associated with Spain...and St. Louis >>

By Christine Hegel-Cantarella
Clean Sweep
Egyptian encounters of the grimy kind leave me — momentarily — longing for the suburbs of St. Louis >>

By Mallarie N. Zimmer
The Science, Psychology and Truth behind Venus Envy
Arty sisters — and their supporters — are doin' it for themselves, now in three cities >>

From the Source:
By Marijean Jaggers
Restored Vision
Forcing the State of Missouri to see its way to doing the right thing by Medicaid patients >>

It's All Happening:
By Thomas Crone, Amanda E. Doyle and Brian H. Marston
The Ides of March
Plenty to see, do and hear as the month comes in like a lion, blows out like...Venus Envy >>

Young Minds:
By Bill Carson
Closing the Gaps
The Vashon Education Compact vows that failure is no longer an option for the kids in its schools >>

The Ordinary Eye:
By Michael Drone
No Rights or Wrongs
St. Louis is my world to enjoy through the viewfinder >>

By Ryan Rice
K.C. Masterpiece
Kansas City thinks it's better than St. Louis...and maybe they've got a point >>

Sights and Sounds:
By Thomas Crone and Amanda E. Doyle
Frogs, Food and Fun
Damn the snow, February was full speed ahead >>

Media Shoegaze:
By Barbara Walter
Driven by Design
A snappy new publication is catching the eye — and attention — of folks interested in our city's design and architectural landscape >>

A Day's Work:
By Stephen Schenkenberg
Rock'n'Roll High School
For the prep-punk band The Reactions, a day's work is a night's play >>

From the Editor:
By Amanda E. Doyle
I've Got Friends in E-Places
Strong ties bind me to friends I don't know >>


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