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Nov 2003 / the ordinary eye :: email this story to a friend

There Goes the Neighborhood!
By John Colbert

Take a stroll out my front door these days and head in any direction and you'll hit a construction site: Metrolink moving west to the south; the Loop moving east to the north; new houses, businesses and playgrounds popping up all over; and rehab projects filling in where new construction isn't. On two evenings at the end of September and beginning of October, I grabbed a digital camera and my pup Luna and walked the perimeter of the Skinker-DeBaliviere neighborhood shooting pics of works in progress. Just a month later, the changes are remarkable: Metrolink's tunnel now crosses Forest Park Parkway, sidewalks nearly line Delmar as new businesses pop into place, a new plastic playground takes the place of the older metal one at Lucier Park and the construction materials that kids seemed to prefer to either are now gone. The neighborhood is changing rapidly. Enjoy this glimpse of where it was in late September and early October, 2003.

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