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May 2003 / the ordinary eye :: email this story to a friend

Snapshots of the Sweet Science
By Bob Reuter

I'm at a loss right now — felt like I was watching a movie — drama — roller coaster emotions — carnival atmosphere prevailed — I could have swore I was getting nothin' as I shot — light was in flux through at least two of the bouts — fought my way up to the ring and was trapped — always the wrong spot — had me on the ropes for a while — I think I slapped an old lady who thought I was in her way. She was trying to shove me and I swung blindly behind without knowing who it was. The southside was out in force.

In the end all I can tell you is that Thomas Crone is my hero. Thank you, Steve Smith.

[These shots and more by Bob Reuter will be up in a gallery at the City Museum early next month. Click on a thumbnail image to pop up the large version.]


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