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21 Under 21

Tired of finding just the usual suspects — too often folks well into middle age — on the typical lists of "Ones to Watch" or "St. Louis Leaders?" We here at TheCommonspace.org are, too. The average age of our staff is under 30, but there are days when we feel like we're already on the downhill slope.

In that spirit, we're seeking out 21 Under 21, a broad spectrum of the most dedicated, creative, inspiring and visionary young people in St. Louis. Know some young hipsters who make their community and St. Louis a better place to live? Tell us about 'em, because we want to tell the whole world.

The young folks we're hoping to find should be making contributions to the civic or cultural fabric of our town, whether as artists, interns, entrepreneurs, problem solvers, social agitators, volunteers, mentors or all-around creative thinkers. While academic achievers are welcome, scholastic achievement is not a primary qualification.

Our greatest hope is that your nominations will give all St. Louisans a preview of the next generation of St. Louis leaders, and reinforce our optimism about the future of our city. Those selected will be featured in the "Young Minds" section of TheCommonspace.org in June, and honored at a June bash (details to follow).

The following information is required to nominate yourself or another person:

  • Name of nominee
  • Age of nominee as of May 1, 2002
  • Nominee's address, phone number and email address, if available
  • School nominee attends, if applicable
  • Your name
  • Your phone number and email address, if available

Also, in 500 words or fewer, describe your reasons for nominating this individual. What makes him or her the bee's knees? How does this individual contribute to making St. Louis a better place? Why should this person give us hope for the next generation of St. Louisans?

All nominations must be received by midnight on April 30, 2002. Nominees must be under the age of 21 as of May 1, 2002. Reply by one of the following methods:

Don't delay — nominate today! And thanks.

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