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Reader Appreciation Party

Many thanks to all the readers who joined us and their merry compatriots for our first-ever reader appreciation party at the Black Thorn at Lemmons last month! Pizza was consumed, prizes were won, 50/50 tickets were (perhaps illegally?) sold, and a great time was had by all. We want to share a few of our favorite answers to the official TheCommonspace.org trivia quiz (props to Maddie Earnest, trivia winner, who scored a pair of tickets to the Saint Louis Symphony and dinner at Tangerine!):

Q: What's the tagline for TheCommonspace.org?
A: "Because Information Wants to Be Free"
"Broadband is Cheap"
"Certainty in an Uncertain World"

Q: What was your favorite story ever on TheCommonspace.org?
A: "Any story written by Thomas, Amanda or Brian; the editor's pieces are always superb." (Flattery will get you everywhere.)
"We All Scream for Kickball, a gripping, elegantly written account of the burgeoning kickball culture, by future Pulitzer Prize winner Brian McCown" (submitted, curiously, by Brian McCown)

and finally, proof that you're all not reading closely enough (or, that you're reading waay too much Reader's Digest):

Q: List the 13 sections of TheCommonspace.org.
A: "Brian's Bytes"
"Amanda's Anecdotes"
"Tom's Tales"
"Hit Parade"
"Humor in Uniform"
"We Built this City"
"All in a Day's Work"
"The Something Something Eye"
"Word Power"
"Penthouse Forum"
and the ever-popular "Crossword Puzzle"