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So many of you have emailed, stopped us in the streets, hired skywriting airplanes and so on, all with the question:

"When's the next Free Candy?"

Lucky for you, it's here. Next Sunday, Jan. 21, you can join your friends and soon-to-be-friends in the oh-so-friendly confines of Hartford Coffee Company and enjoy St. Louis' #1 live, non-broadcast, coffeeshop talk show.

This episode's guests include:

And it's all FREE! The freeness, this month, comes courtesy of our awesome Honorary Sugar Daddy, Grove Furnishings. You know it, right? It's only the darlingest home goods/furniture/accessory/gifty shop in all of the Tower Grove South! Visit them in real life at 3169 Morganford Rd., or online at www.grovefurnishings.com! Yay, Sugar Daddies!

Be there early to get your seat.

Jan. 21, 7 p.m., 3974 Harford (@ Roger)

Attendance: 45