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Sunday, June 26
Free Candy! with Amanda & Julia
Hartford Coffee Company, 3974 Hartford St.
Free, 7 p.m., 314-772-5947, freecandy@readjulia.com, freecandy.net
Attendance: 35

Guests: Joe Edwards and Michael Levinson

Oh, it's the talk of the town, our monthly, non-broadcast, living room talk show: why, just yesterday at the grocery store the produce manager seemed very interested in the concept — well, after he realized my t-shirt wasn't just sending him to a website that would mail him free candy. Join your friends and soon-to-be-friends at Hartford Coffee, where you'll (a) learn things about interesting St. Louisans (b) enjoy a beverage, dessert or even tasty dinner served up by our friends behind the counter (c) enjoy the wacky hijinks your lovely and talented co-hosts provide and (d) rock out to the smooth, smooth sounds of the Sugar Daddies. It's what we call a "win/win" in the corporate world. And you want to be a winner, don't you?