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Sunday, January 16
Free Candy, with Amanda & Julia
Hartford Coffee Company, 3974 Hartford St.
Free, 7 p.m., 314-772-5947, freecandy@readjulia.com, freecandy.net
Attendance: 40

I know I say this every month, but every month it's true: we just keep topping ourselves with our riveting guests and inane-yet-amusing hostess banter down at the Free Candy show. As you may know, we are now happily ensconced at Hartford Coffee Company, and the cozy space fills up quickly, so make sure you're timely to get a good seat, so as to not miss any of our Lindsay Lohan trash-talk, or any of the tricks of our Human Oddity guests...or any of the fantastic storytelling of guests like Jeanne Trevor! The candy's still free, free, free; the Sugar Daddies (minus Kurt Groetsch, Godspeed) rock, rock, rock; and you'll have fun, fun, fun. Just ask us!