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Sunday, June 27
Free Candy! with Amanda & Julia
Free, 7 p.m., freecandy@readjulia.com, readjulia.com/freecandy.htm
Attendance: 22

It's a talk show — that much you can probably imagine: there are hosts, guests, a couch for said guests, a rockin' band and so on. Now, move that mental image to a living room setting, where you (a member of the studio audience) are comfortably sitting on a plush sofa, enjoying a tasty smoothie from People's Coffee. Interesting guests, from the improv king of St. Louis to former mayors, pass before you, offering entertaining commentary, hidden talents and more. You might get selected to ask a question, or to take part an in impromptu boxing lesson. And best of all, there's none of that Oprah-like pressure to dress for success...'cause it's not broadcast or recorded for posterity! Just you, us, the Sugar Daddies' hot tunes and an evening of fun. Oh, and free candy. Fo rizzle.