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Sunday, June 6
Exhibit Opening: "Lilly at Rest," Art Quilts by Gen Obata
Free, all ages, 1-4 p.m.
On display through Tuesday, July 6
Attendance: 35

If you're not hip to the coolest cat around town, now's your chance to catch up: Lilly, a fabulous black-and-white feline who graciously shares her home with St. Louis artist Gen Obata and his family, has more adventures every day than some of us will have in our lifetimes. She's lurked atop City Museum, she's stood up balancing herself on the Arch. (Of course, that's nothing compared to when she commandeered that cable car in San Francisco ... read about her adventures on her blog.) But even Lilly must rest, and these cheeky quilts portray her doing just that, in all her glory, on colorful couches and more. You can come enjoy our cozy upholstery while you peruse the exhibit — no word yet on whether Lilly will take a star turn there.

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