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Friday, June 4
Surveillance: Security vs. Privacy
A Panel Discussion and Community Forum
Free, all ages, 7 p.m., brian@thecommonspace.org
Attendance: 31

Video surveillance equipment is so cheap and easy to install these days that it's popping up all over the place. It's becoming part of our everyday lives, yet not very many people have thought about the tradeoffs involved and whether these cameras should be everywhere — and if so, what the rules for operating them should be. If you have an opinion about this issue, or if you're trying to figure out what your opinion is, come add your perspective to the mix as we examine all sides of the debate. The discussion will focus on the controversial webcam system the Soulard Security Association is planning to install as an extension to the neighborhood watch program. dhTV will tape the event and broadcast it on channel 21.


Matt LeMieux, executive director of ACLU-EM
Sabine Janssen, Soulard resident
Bill Shelton, Soulard resident
Bob Kraiberg, Soulard Security Association
Jeff Wiegand, Soulard Security Association
Tom Duerbusch, Soulard resident


Brian Marston, president of The Commonspace