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Sunday, March 21
Free Candy, with Amanda & Julia
Free, 7 p.m., www.readjulia.com/freecandy.htm, freecandy@readjulia.com
Attendance: 29

Last month's debut was a smash — everyone's talking about the living-room/non-broadcast/breakin'-down-the-fourth-wall talk show sensation conveniently shorthanded as "Free Candy!" (And yes, you cynical doubters...there was free candy. Sugar Daddies, to be exact, a none-too-subtle homage to our rockin' house band.) The pilot's been picked up and the fun rolls on this month with more interesting and notable guests on our couch, more music from the Sugar Daddies (we've had to talk their big heads down ever since the fans went wild for 'em), more quirky conversation and more chances for you, the studio audience, to interact with St. Louis' movers and shakers. Fun is guaranteed, and if you miss it, there's no "tape it at 3"; you'll just miss out. And no one wants that to happen.