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Friday, January 9
Art Opening: Craig Downs and Tim Meehan
With a live performance by Copernicus 9
Free, all ages, 7-10 p.m.
Attendance: 75
Exhibition shown through Tuesday, February 3

Tim Meehan (born in Saint Louis, 1964) studied art at the University of Missouri. He received his bachelors degree in cinematography at Columbia College in Chicago and then another degree at the Art Institute of Los Angeles. He is currently showing new work in Saint Louis and has had shows in Chicago and Los Angeles. After years of film making, Tim found himself in Phoenix and rediscovered painting. A recent move back to Saint Louis after a twenty-year absence has proven very productive for his artwork, which focuses on flora and action landscapes.

Here's how Tim describes his paintings in this show: "I have been driving across the country a lot in the past four years, moving eight times in that period. The landscapes I saw were all with motion. I realized that that is how most people view landscapes these days, driving by at 70 or 80 miles an hour. I always appreciated the vision of action painters. It just felt like there was more soul to it than precision brushwork. The floral paintings came from walking around my newest home. It just seemed like there were flowers everywhere in Saint Louis. I'm still a filmmaker at heart; it's just now I can produce the whole film, narrative and all, in one still moment on canvas."

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