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Friday, April 25
Art Opening: "Strange Garden"
Paintings and prints by Shane Simmons
Free, 7-10 p.m., art@thecommonspace.org
Attendance: 95 people

The artwork of Shane Simmons continues to pull the viewer to and fro between opposite urges: abstraction and representation, free-flowing expressionist brushwork and tight technical control of minute passages. In this, his most recent body of work, Simmons weaves color and texture, light and shadow to create impressionistic narratives that transport the viewer from garden to wasteland and back again in settings that might exist on the head of a pin or in the vastness of space. Our art happenings draw a diverse crowd of artists, art lovers, social butterflies and all sorts of other interesting folk: all we're missing is you!

Shane's work will be on display through May 31.