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BookCrossing Party: Join us on Wednesday, February 19 for Vicarious Voyages, the kickoff of a new series of monthly fun at The Commonspace: World Wide Wednesdays, which will bring various corners of the globe up close and personal for St. Louis. To get in the spirit, grab a travel book or two from your shelf where — admit it — they've been moldering since you nixed that trip to Turkey, and bring 'em down to the gathering. There, helpful volunteers will assist you in registering your book with BookCrossing.com (the coolest thing we've seen in a while, a way to trade and track books as they freely exchange hands), you'll toss it on the "free books" pile, and at the end of the evening, perhaps you'll go home with an Italian phrase book or a nice collection of "women on the road" essays, instead. Then, plan your own travels and watch your book travel, too, as future finders and readers of your copy will be able to update the book's registry online. Come and mingle with fellow travelers on life's road! Free with donation of at least one travel-themed book, all ages, 6:30 p.m.

Attendance: 9 people