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Art Opening: The second gallery show of The Commonspace's fabulous life opens Friday, January 24 from 7-10 p.m., featuring St. Louis artists Sandra Marchewa and Carmelita Nuñez. Come for the art, the friends, the panoramic view of Grand Center from our front windows...and the boxed wine. Yum! (free)

On display through February 21, this exhibition brings very specific conceptual and technical concerns to the theme of portraiture. Carmelita Nuñez, an accomplished ceramicist, contributes terra sigillata masks that portray people, animals, and supernatural beings representing "various faces of Deity." Marchewa's painted portraits of friends and acquaintances, often based on informal snapshots, depict her subjects in moments of candor and intimacy. Her singular style of representation recalls comic-influenced artists such as Joe Coleman as well as Austrian Expressionist Egon Schiele.

email for more info | paintings by Sandra

Art opening attendance: 100 people