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Sunday, September 28
Kangaku Book Club
Free, all ages, 3-5 p.m., 314-795-2663, cmcdermott@visionforchildren.org
Attendance: 11 people

September's book, "Occupied Voices: Stories of Everyday Life From the Second Intifada," by Wendy Pearlman, lets readers hear the voices of Palestinians who have endured the bitterness of living in an occupied land. Regardless of which side (if any) of the Israeli-Palestinian divide you're on, you'll likely learn much from these poignant stories. The Kangaku Book Club encourages learning to promote social justice. Its goal is to create a community of learning in the search for justice and truth. The group seeks to learn about local, national and international issues through books and through each other. Each month, they will choose a book related to various themes such as globalization, poverty, politics, education equity, the death penalty, women's issues, indigenous rights and struggle, etc. We, of course, encourage you to get your copy at the library or Left Bank Books.