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Church and State:
By Thomas Crone
Ward Wars
A conversation about ward redistricting and political reality with 10th Ward Alderman Craig Schmid >>

By Mark Brennan
Give It Juice
Feel the rumble, get seared by the heat and meet the fine, down-home folks at the I-55 Raceway in Pevely >>

By Heidi Dean
Big in Japan
Getting by in pidgin, explaining America and bringing home the lessons learned >>

By Beverly J. Stroup
Walking Through the Open Door
A community counts on an all-volunteer art studio for therapy and to get them through the day >>

From the Source:
By Melanie Adams
Metropolis at the Crossroads
Thoughts on the future of the civic organization from its new president >>

It's All Happening:
By Thomas Crone
August Events: Musts to See, Do and Hear
We cover all your options, from the biggest institutions to the tiniest holes-in-the-wall >>

Young Minds:
By Wendy Surinsky
Artwork = Art + Work
St. Louis teens get a taste of the artist's life through a unique summer work program in the Gateway Mall's "tent city" >>

The Ordinary Eye:
By Meg Studer
River City Phoenix
The burned-out shell of St. John's church is strangely picturesque, horrific and beautiful >>

By Otis White
Net Activism
Civic-minded folks from across the U.S. meet, greet and improve their efforts at the Civic Strategies web site >>

Sights and Sounds:
By Thomas Crone
Do You Hear What We Hear?
What is the sound of one band playing, the image of one neighborhood changing and the impact of one idea being heard in cyberspace? >>

Media Shoegaze:
By Adam Hackbarth
Lights, Camera and St. Louis Action
It's a wrap for the St. Louis Filmmaker Showcase, and other movie tidbits from around town >>

A Day's Work:
By Kent Shaw
Dressed for the Line of Duty
Union Station doorman Joe Carter knows how to handle every situation, proving it's not just clothes that make the man >>

From the Editor:
By Amanda E. Doyle
Baby, Please Don't Go
Young talented folks are leaving, the city's not cool enough, and the brain drain has leaders worried. Sound familiar? It may not be where you think. >>


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